#peaksanddunes PANEL TALKS

November 10th, 2018

Panel Talks    #peaksanddunes

Location : Majlis | The Yard | Alserkal Avenue

Moderated by Katharina Sand,  founder SEPTIEME ETAGE and Mode Suisse ambassador

Sunday 11 November  6PM 

Fashion Geographies of the Future | Creative Economy and Exchange |Fashion as both a commercial and creative practice, defining our experience of the world as well as the spaces in which it is produced, displayed, and worn. Speakers Emirati designer Khulood Thani (Bint Thani), Dubai-based fashion designer Faissal El Malak, Dubai’s retail innovator May Barber ( Brand Management Consultant/Founder of The Cartel), and Swiss Cultural Affairs Officer Maurizio Salvatori

Monday 12 November 4PM

Meaning & Values | Exploring fashion as a way to transmit craft, skills, memory, identity, and sustainability in the age of globalisation Speakers fashion designer Shahd AlShehail ( ABADIA) , co-founder of Twothirds Design Studio Lujain Abulfaraj , Founding Dean of the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation Sass Brown

Wednesday 14 November 6PM 

Digital Worlds |The impact of the digital realm on burgeoning local creative economies versus traditional fashion capitals, and how it enables new value creation and opportunities | Speakers photographer/cultural explorer Yvan Rodic (@facehunter), blogger Yousra Zein (@hayekk), cultural cartographer and entrepreneur Sofiane Si Merabet (@theconfusedarab), designer Andraya Farrag (Bedouin Studios) , journalist Natasha D’Souza and a very SPECIAL GUEST

Followed by screenings and an evening of Pomegranates and Tea 

Tea by Tania’s Teahouse, Seating by Chuk Palu

Peaks and Dunes

October 31st, 2018

Peaks and Dunes II  : a Swiss-Middle East cultural dialogue concept

November 6th to 17th    Warehouse 58    Alserkal Avenue      Dubai


The nomadic fashion platform SEPTIEME ETAGE brings the “Peaks & Dunes” exhibition pop up to Dubai. Curated by Katharina Sand, it activates fashion to encourage the exchange of ideas and design culture. This summer SEPTIEME ETAGE presented exquisite and edgy designs from both regions in Geneva, alongside the internationally acclaimed Mode Suisse platform. This November, we are delighted to take this dialogue to Dubai’s Alserkal Avenue, the region’s foremost arts and culture neighborhood.

Alongside 7 designers from each region we will exhibit streetstyle photographed by Swiss cultural explorer Yvan Rodic  (aka The Facehunter) , the book  “Under the Abaya: Saudi Street Style” by fashion icon Marriam Mossalli (aka @shoesandrama, and one of Business of Fashion’s “BOF 500”), a fashion VR experience by Marine Giraudo featuring the work of highly acclaimed Swiss designer Vanessa Schindler, a selection of publications from both regions including WATAD magazine, projections courtesy of the FLUXLABORATORY, illustrations, scents, and tastings. A series of panel talks with key fashion and culture experts including sustainability champion Sass Brown (Founding Dean Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation) and iconic cultural entrepreneur and cartographer Sofiane Si Merabet (@theconfusedarab) will also animate further exchange.

Fashion is a cultural phenomenon that enables exchange and collaboration in a way that is highly accessible. An economic, social and cultural practice, garments transmit memory, craft and values. Beyond spoken and written language, fashion is personally experienced by each individual and at the same time defines urban spaces through each garment in motion. Pivotal to identity and highly evocative, each fashion item is also reinterpreted by its wearer.


Location : Warehouse 58, The Yard, Alserkal Avenue, 10 am – 7 pm daily + Late nights until 9 pm on November 12th and 14th



Discover a selection of 7 young and upcoming designers from Switzerland, including Vanessa Schindler, winner of the Hyères Festival ( and a favorite of fashion editors worldwide, YVY from Zurich whose fans include Cardi B and Taylor Swift, as well as rising sustainability fashion star Rafael Kouto. We will also be presenting “garment objects designed with and for the wind” by Swiss fashion innovator Lela Scherrer, inspired by the Transdisciplinarity Research Group at the Zurich University of the Arts (whose windtunnel research was exhibited at the Venice Research Pavilion).  The work of several exceptional fashion graduates will also be featured, including graduates from the internationally acclaimed Geneva School of Art and Design (HEAD – Genève), one of the foremost art and design schools in Europe.

Lela Scherrer Garment Object inspired by ZHDK Windtunnel Reaseach ©Jozo Palkovits for Research Focus Transdisciplinarity ZHDK











In dialogue with a stunning selection of 7 young local designers including Abadia, Bedouin Studios, and Faissal El Malak. SEPTIEME ETAGE also invited fashion icon Marriam Mossalli (@shoesandrama, elected as one of the top 500 most influential people in the fashion industry), Swiss-based Middle Eastern blogger Yousra Zein (@hayekk) and Dubai fashion expert Manal Waqi (@theamanqiedit)  to each pick a designer (to be announced at the opening).


Photo exhibition

14 framed images by world famous Swiss street style photographer and cultural explorer Yvan Rodic (“The Facehunter”), showcasing streetstyle from both the Middle East and Switzerland. In dialogue with the publication “Under The Abaya : Street Style from Saudi Arabia” by Marriam Mossalli, which showcases the female and Middle Eastern counterpart perspective.


Peaks & Dunes © Yvan Rodic aka Facehunter














VR installation created by Marine Giroudo for Vanessa Schindler and exhibited at the Hyères Festival.



A curated selection of publications from both regions : Swiss magazines in dialogue with local publications such as Dubai-based WATAD magazine, as well as illustration and fashion theory books including the seminal “Fashion Curating”  by Luca Marchetti.



Innovative projects encouraging artistic expression across borders:  collaboration with Geneva based FLUX Laboratory (, and a screening of “Potions and Pomegranates” by Amirah Tajdin starring Dana Hourani for Faissal El Malak.



Personal Cosmos, Velvet Monster and Happy Faces by contemporary Swiss art-duo Wiedemann Mettler, Illustrations by Swiss-Persian illustrator Monica Valdivia, Room fragrances by kuikui for YVY, Towels project and Nebula changing room installation by Schönstaub,  “Fashion Is Fiction” pins by Basel and New York based designer Nina Britschgi, Creativi-Tea by Tania’s Teahouse,  Techarc and Caran d’Ache Atelier.



Location for the panel discussions: Majlis, The Yard, Alserkal Avenue



Fashion is both a commercial and creative practice, and it defines our experience of the world as well as the spaces in which it is produced, displayed, and worn : Retailers, journalists and designers including Dubai based designer Faissal El-Malak  and May Barber, fashion expert and  the founder of iconic Dubai concept store The cARTel, Moderated by Katharina Sand founder SEPTIEME ETAGE and Mode Suisse ambassador


MEANING & VALUES   Nov 12th 4 pm

Fashion as transmission of values: craft, skills, memory and identity and sustainability in the age of globalization:  ABADIA Designer Shahd AlShehail / Lujain Abulfaraj (co-founder Twothirds Design Studio) / WATAD Magazine / Sass Brown, Founding Dean Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation. Moderated by Katharina Sand founder SEPTIEME ETAGE and Mode Suisse ambassador.


DIGITAL WORLDS   Nov 14th 6 pm

This panels aims to explore how the digital realm is impacting the burgeoning local creative economies versus the traditional fashion capitals, enabling new value creation and opportunities : Photographer/cultural explorer Yvan Rodic (@facehunter)  / blogger Yousra Zein (@hayekk) cultural entrepreneur and cartographer Sofiane Si Merabet @theconfusedarab  / Andraya Farrag  (designer Bedouin Studios) / (+ TBC special guest)  Moderated by Katharina Sand founder SEPTIEME ETAGE and Mode Suisse ambassador.

Followed by screenings and an evening of Pomegranates and Tea (with Creativi-Tea by Tania’s Teahouse Dubai) until 9 pm

For more information please contact:

Katharina Sand, SEPTIEME ETAGE,

Desert Dreaming

September 14th, 2018

17 days of 17 designers: during August 2018, Septieme Etage brought a stunning intercultural collaboration to life. With Mode Suisse’s collection of the edgiest Swiss designers in conversation with a curated selection of Middle Eastern designers, this event drew crowds from all corners of Geneva–not to mention countless visitors from the Gulf region. This pop-up at the Librarie de l’Ile in the center of Geneva became  a cultural hub of fashion, design, and photography, featuring artistic and musical performances throughout.

Opening Night brought the clothing selection alive with a performance by contemporary artist Faceomat (photographed below by Nicole Matschoss) and an exhibition by Yvan Rodic aka The Facehunter (whose photograph is featured above, as captured by Nicole Matschoss).

Jasmine Vidal, Ines and Saskia getting their portraits by Tobias Gutmmann at the Faceomat

Above: Jasmine Vidal, Ines and Saskia having their portraits drawn by artist Tobias Gutmann at the Faceomat.

Faissal el Malak blue and white outfit and pink Talar Nina bomber with Bedouin skirt

Our gorgeous models in Faissal El-Malak blue and white outfit and pink Talar Nina bomber with Bedouin skirt.

opening night vernissage of cultural fashion exhibit pop-up ephemeral boutique in geneva switzerland

The crowd exploring the Librarie de l’Ile.

One of Yvan Rodic (The Facehunter)’s portraits in the exhibition.

Jewelry by Studio Mason, YVY and Jwaher Jewels on display

Jewelry by Studio Mason, YVY and Jwaher Jewels on display.

Amazing jewelry by Vanessa Schindler, Afterwork Studio and Jwaher Jewels on display

More edgy adornments by Vanessa Schindler, Afterwork Studio and Jwaher Jewels on display.


Let the SEPTIEME treasure hunt begin

November 25th, 2017

SEPTIEME ETAGE is going global, to soar MORE and to entertain worldwide. The world called, and we are delighted to start taking the concept on the road, and to transform the SEPTIEME experience into something both more free and more intimate, more personal and more luxurious.

You, like many visitors from all over the world have become our friend, sharing your style and thoughts with us, bringing your kindness while we played dress up together. You have the courage to revel in the avant-garde, to splash your wardrobe with new pigments and shapes, to be amongst the first to recognize young talents, and we have interlaced with you via fashion, installations, social media, parties, and events.

Founded in 2000 to bring designers from New York to Geneva, over the years SEPTIEME ETAGE has increasingly become a salon, a place to exchange, to nourish, to share the shine, the twinkling shimmering fun of all those galaxies hidden between seams. After zipping through 17 years, we look forward to showing you what we fantasize about, how we want to embrace and imagine the future. SEPTIEME ETAGE is setting up a new platform of international fashion events and consulting.

Since revolution is not a one time event, there will be seven rarefied events worldwide in the next seven hundred days, crisscrossing the globe from South America to Asia to the Middle East, with seven Septieme stars, creating seven legends. Seven colors make a rainbow, seven chords make music – watch this space  and our Instagram for the seven secret clues on the first event – let us amuse you and join our adventure into an irreverent future. Each event will be in the form of a treasure hunt, with clues to be found on our Instagram.

You can also sign up for our mailing list HERE to be in the know and follow our SEPTIEME Muses all around the world :

To allow for all this wild whirling freedom freedom, we are available from now on BY PERSONAL APPOINTMENT only - international destinations included. Of course we are happy to remain in touch throughout all the travels and timezones via the SEPTIEME website, from which we will continue to curate and ship gorgeous gowns and all that sparkles from our downstairs offices in Geneva at 10 Rue du Perron.

Ice, Ice Baby

June 30th, 2017






It was a night to remember ….


Celebrating 17 years of


starring the


illuminated by


sculptures by artist

Maria-Carmen Perlingeiro





Frozen Fire Fingerfood


Hot Ice Cube Attitude



Because you know

what rhymes with ICE ?



Pool Party!

May 29th, 2017




join us on

Thursday June 1st

from 4 pm to 8 pm




with consultations by Ursula Lake,

the most stylish

Bikini Doctor


dip into ravishing

Rosé Piscines


and catch the

summer breeze

with designer Hansine

and her beachdresses

(in sizzling new summer colors)

catch a pink wave

and a bronze shimmer

courtesy of

then dive into our


In the meantime keep an eye

on our



wade into our


for pictures of our Kimono event

because at


10 Rue du Perron 1204 Geneva

the style doctor is always IN,

and style and rosé and a swim can heal just about anything.

Smoking Samurai

May 10th, 2017


Smoking Samurai !

We are having a



Join us on

Thursday May 18th

from 4 pm to 8 pm


the finest of silks

….because we all know that

kimonos are THE thing now

with Emilie of


to learn all about how to fold

her one-of-a-kind

killer kimono

vibrant silk masterpieces


enjoy a

tantalizing tea

(and matcha chocolate and macarons!)

tasting by

and with each


receive a terrybly special gift


find more vibrant pattern haikuson ourInstagram

& Facebook

or let us turn you from

snowflakes into cherry blossoms



10 Rue du Perron 1204 Geneva

You’re welcome.


Sea You Soon

April 20th, 2017


We are swimming

in new

Stripes and Shapes



Taking time to Khaki Cool


Veronica Beard

and to

swirl in



and we just received new beach headbands by!

For more Tales of the Sea and Beyond

please join us



APRIL 20th

from 6 pm to 8 pm

for the

Geraldine Belmont


an evening about

with caipirinhas by the artist

Geraldine Belmont is a Brazilian-based artist (Ecal) who has left Europe to develop sustainable projects in northeast Brazil since 2004. She will be presenting how she has managed to combine contemporary art and nature’s preservation in a unique location of wild biodiversity where four different types of endangered marine turtles reproduce.

check out our


& Facebook

for turtley updates





10 Rue du Perron 1204 Geneva

Because your name is Rio

March 7th, 2017



We would be delighted if you could


with us on

from 4 pm to 8 pm



for the launch of

with designer Daniella Helayel





inaugurating an exhibition

by Bahia-based artist

Geraldine Belmont






combined with the


lush and edgy Aenko jewels



by designer Roxana Romenko




the world première

of the

luxe bohemian




Beachwear collection


dip into a jungle and cruise cabanas

courtesy of Fleuriot

taste Brazilian flavors courtesy of

samba with us on


& Facebook

or catch the ocean breeze



10 Rue du Perron 1204 Geneva

Because we know your name is


A New Year of Infinite Beauty

January 17th, 2017

Instead of gravity,

a New Year full of Mayle’s alchemy,

as light as lashes.

A whole New Year

full of gliding over

snow crystals, 

slipping into sequins,

of dipping into petals

and clear waters,

silken seams

and the blue of cloudless skies.



A new window opening on days 

lush with new lines and volumes

and raspberry hues,




Square but wild.

Boxy like a Donald Judd table,

exude minimalist peacefulness.

Striking yet humble.

Contradictory as you are.

Get ready to tumble.

Let it move you.

See cinnamon moons wander

and  rise and rise,

and in between a bird fluttering

like in an Aztec bedtime fable.

This year is a whole new story…

For all that jazz on

the latest lines, notes and

the first floral compositions

of spring : dig our


 grow with us on our  Facebook 

or just flutter into our latest

blossoming window

by Origami Master Antoine

10 Rue du Perron 1204 Geneva

Some kind of wonderful.

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