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Monday, August 1st, 2011

Since we were inundated with emails when we posted our first limited editions online a while back, we realised we needed to scratch our pretty heads and think about how to do the online shop for real. This is what we came up with! Every week we will post a few old and a few new things, and something to surprise you, to let you happily click your way closer to us.

When we found out that our friend Jean-Christophe Curtet had an incredible collection of Vintage Photomaton pictures, we had to have a look. And what we discovered was so poignantly funny and gorgeous, it was the first surprise we wanted to share it with you.

This is how the story goes: One of the first Photomatons installed in Paris was to be found at no 26 Boulevard des Italiens, in the Studio of photographer Willy Michel. Willy was a fervent bibliophile and autograph hunter. Colette famously signed his copy of “La chambre eclairee” with “…a change from your darkroom, hahaha!”. Jean Cocteau, Romain Rolland and the illustrators Marie Laurencin, Raoul Dufy, Kes van Dongen also happily obliged.

Perhaps it was his desire to see his own name joined with that of a famous author that explains the very particular photographic approach behind the pictures in this collection – seeing his own face joined with that of a celebrity. In return, he invited these stars for dinner, bought them books, and offered them free pictures. Though we have pulled a few of the fantastic leading ladies, we recommend browsing through the whole collection – it includes dancers, actors including young Errol Flynn and Jean Marais , boxers, singers from Bing Crosby to Maurice Chevallier, acrobats, clowns and politicians, as well as the designer Paul Poiret and the strange countess de Morny, a niece of Napoleon III. Who is YOUR favourite ?

We decided to place a Photomaton machine right into the store, and continue his project for him – joining his face to yourswith a click! What better way to launch our website ? Join us and Willy for a little launch party for our site on Thursday September 1st !

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