A New Year of Infinite Beauty

January 17th, 2017

Instead of gravity,

a New Year full of Mayle’s alchemy,

as light as lashes.

A whole New Year

full of gliding over

snow crystals, 

slipping into sequins,

of dipping into petals

and clear waters,

silken seams

and the blue of cloudless skies.



A new window opening on days 

lush with new lines and volumes

and raspberry hues,




Square but wild.

Boxy like a Donald Judd table,

exude minimalist peacefulness.

Striking yet humble.

Contradictory as you are.

Get ready to tumble.

Let it move you.

See cinnamon moons wander

and  rise and rise,

and in between a bird fluttering

like in an Aztec bedtime fable.

This year is a whole new story…

For all that jazz on

the latest lines, notes and

the first floral compositions

of spring : dig our


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or just flutter into our latest

blossoming window

by Origami Master Antoine

10 Rue du Perron 1204 Geneva

Some kind of wonderful.

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