Let the SEPTIEME treasure hunt begin

November 25th, 2017

SEPTIEME ETAGE is going global, to soar MORE and to entertain worldwide. The world called, and we are delighted to start taking the concept on the road, and to transform the SEPTIEME experience into something both more free and more intimate, more personal and more luxurious.

You, like many visitors from all over the world have become our friend, sharing your style and thoughts with us, bringing your kindness while we played dress up together. You have the courage to revel in the avant-garde, to splash your wardrobe with new pigments and shapes, to be amongst the first to recognize young talents, and we have interlaced with you via fashion, installations, social media, parties, and events.

Founded in 2000 to bring designers from New York to Geneva, over the years SEPTIEME ETAGE has increasingly become a salon, a place to exchange, to nourish, to share the shine, the twinkling shimmering fun of all those galaxies hidden between seams. After zipping through 17 years, we look forward to showing you what we fantasize about, how we want to embrace and imagine the future. SEPTIEME ETAGE is setting up a new platform of international fashion events and consulting.

Since revolution is not a one time event, there will be seven rarefied events worldwide in the next seven hundred days, crisscrossing the globe from South America to Asia to the Middle East, with seven Septieme stars, creating seven legends. Seven colors make a rainbow, seven chords make music – watch this space  and our Instagram for the seven secret clues on the first event – let us amuse you and join our adventure into an irreverent future. Each event will be in the form of a treasure hunt, with clues to be found on our Instagram.

You can also sign up for our mailing list HERE to be in the know and follow our SEPTIEME Muses all around the world :

To allow for all this wild whirling freedom freedom, we are available from now on BY PERSONAL APPOINTMENT only - international destinations included. Of course we are happy to remain in touch throughout all the travels and timezones via the SEPTIEME website, from which we will continue to curate and ship gorgeous gowns and all that sparkles from our downstairs offices in Geneva at 10 Rue du Perron.

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